Linux Text Editor Makes Windows Users Feel at Home Under Linux

EditPad Lite and Pro for Linux

Unfortunately, the native Linux version of EditPad is no longer available. The reason EditPad 6.x.x is not available for Linux is that our Linux development tool, Borland Kylix, has been discontinued. This makes it difficult for us to maintain a shared code base for the Windows and Linux versions of EditPad, as well as maintain compatibility with the latest Linux distributions.

It is possible to run the Windows version of EditPad on Linux using Wine. Aside from a few minor glitches, this works just fine.

Download EditPad Pro for Linux

If you purchased EditPad Pro for Linux in the past, you can download your licensed copy of the last EditPad Pro release for Linux. This is version 5.4.6 for Linux, released 17 March 2006.

To download, please enter your email address and EditPad Pro user ID below. If you lost your user ID, type in your email address and leave the user ID field blank. You will then receive an email message with your user ID.

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