Take a Look at EditPad Pro’s Wide Range of Convenient Text Editing Functionality

Editing a Text File in EditPad Pro

Editing a Binary File in EditPad Pro

Read more about EditPad Pro’s abilities to edit binary files in hexadecimal mode.

Search and Replace

EditPad Pro’s search and replace function shows an extra pane inside the EditPad Pro window, rather than causing a second pane to float on top of EditPad Pro, obscuring your work until you get it out of the way. Usually you will use EditPad Pro maximized, so the editing area is only slightly reduced. The spell checker, character map and email use similar panes.

Unlimited Cut, Copy and Paste

Type less and write more with EditPad Pro’s Clip Collection offering unlimited cut, copy and paste.

Handy Side Panels

EditPad Pro’s built-in file managers are neatly tucked away in handy side panels. They don’t get in your way when you don’t use them, and readily available when you need them.

You Need EditPad Pro To Edit Text Files