Accurate Syntax Coloring for Many Text File Formats and Programming Languages

EditPad Pro is a powerful text editor with built-in support for many file types, including syntax coloring or syntax highlighting for such files. If your favorite file type is not supported, you can create your own syntax coloring scheme for that file type. After creating your scheme, you can upload it to this web site (see below) and share it with other people. If you’re lucky, somebody else may have already created a coloring scheme for the file type you want to work with. In that case, you can simply download and install that scheme.

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How to Download and Install Schemes

The easiest way to download and install a custom syntax coloring scheme is to pick Options|Configure File Types from the menu in EditPad Pro. Go to the Colors and Syntax tab. Click the Download button in the Syntax Coloring section. EditPad Pro will then connect to the Internet and allow you to download and install any scheme with two mouse clicks. Then, the custom scheme will be available in the drop-down list with syntax coloring schemes above the download button.

If you cannot use EditPad Pro’s built-in download mechanism, you can download the schemes with a web browser using one of the links below. After downloading a .jgcscs scheme file place it into the folder %APPDATA%\JGsoft\EditPad Pro 8 under your Windows user profile. Go into Options|Configure File Types|Colors and Syntax. Click the Refresh button to make EditPad Pro detect the new .jgcscs file. Then, the custom scheme will be available in the Syntax Coloring drop-down list in the file type configuration screen.

See the list of Custom Syntax Coloring Schemes available for download.

Important: The custom syntax coloring schemes listed on this web site only work with EditPad Lite 8.x.x and EditPad Pro 8.x.x. If you are using an older version of EditPad Pro or if you are using PowerGREP, RegexBuddy, or RegexMagic, then you can download custom syntax coloring schemes within the software, as follows:

  • EditPad Pro 6 & 7: Select Options|Configure File Types in the menu, click the Syntax & Navigation tab, and click the Download button.
  • EditPad Pro 5: Select Options|Preferences in the menu, click the File Types tab, click the Syntax Coloring subtab, and click the Download button.
  • EditPad Pro 4: Select Options|Preferences in the menu, click the File Types tab, and click the Download button.
  • PowerGREP: Select PowerGREP|Preferences in the menu, select the Syntax Colors section, and click the Download Schemes button.
  • RegexBuddy and RegexMagic: On the Use panel, click the button to edit source code templates. In the template editor, on the General tab, click the Download button.

“I purchased Edit Pad Pro a few weeks ago and I am still finding new and useful features that make the product outstanding. I recently contacted you about some syntax coloring questions regarding echo statements in batch files. I now have that set exactly as I like (something I’ve never been able to do with other editors including much more expensive ones like SlickEdit).”
— Chris Thomson
  19 October 2015, Florida, USA

Create and Edit Syntax Coloring Schemes

While many text editors support some form of syntax coloring, none do so in a way as flexible as EditPad Pro. Most other text editors allow you to customize keywords and delimiters for common programming language constructs. This effectively limits their use to standard programming languages.

Custom syntax coloring schemes for EditPad Pro are based on regular expressions. Regular expressions are a widely used pattern language for matching bits of text. By combining multiple regular expressions, you can make EditPad Pro’s syntax coloring schemes highlight any kind of text file with as much or as little detail as you want. No programming skills required!

If you are already somewhat familiar with regular expressions, creating a custom scheme is quite easy and straightforward with the JGsoft Custom Syntax Coloring Scheme Editor. If you have purchased EditPad Pro, you can download the scheme editor by entering your email address and EditPad Pro user ID below.

The scheme editor includes full documentation in the form of a help file. I recommend you read through the help file before creating your own coloring schemes. It contains quite a few tips for crafting useful and efficient schemes. You can also download the documentation for version 5 of the scheme editor in PDF format.

You can use the scheme editor to edit all schemes that are included with EditPad Pro as .jgcscs files, as well as all the schemes you’ve downloaded.

The version of the scheme editor you’ll get depends on the version of EditPad that your license is valid for. The scheme editor is also available to users of several other Just Great Software products.

To edit the schemes included with EditPad Pro or your other product you need the version of the scheme editor for each product. To create a brand new scheme that needs to work with multiple products or multiple versions of a product, use the version of the scheme editor that targets the oldest product that you want to support. To create a scheme for both EditPad Pro 8.x.x and PowerGREP 5.x.x, for example, you can use JGCSCSE 4.x.x. Newer versions of our products can use schemes created for older versions. Newer versions of the scheme editor can open schemes created with older versions. But the scheme editor can only save the latest version of the scheme format that it supports.

You only need to edit schemes if you want to adapt them to different file formats. You don’t need to edit the schemes if you only want to change the colors (e.g. you want comments to be blue instead of green). In EditPad Pro 7 you can change the colors for each file type via Options|Configure File Types|Colors and Syntax. In EditPad Pro 6 and prior you can change the colors for all file types via Options|Preferences|Colors. In PowerGREP you can change the colors in the Syntax Colors section in the Preferences. In RegexBuddy and RegexMagic you can change them on the Use Colors tab in the Preferences.

  • JGCSCSE 5.3.1 released 30 May 2024 for EditPad Pro 8.x.x, EditPad Lite 8.x.x, and AceText 4.x.x
  • JGCSCSE 4.3.3 released 31 May 2017 for EditPad Pro 7.x.x, PowerGREP 4.x.x and 5.x.x, RegexBuddy 4.x.x, and RegexMagic 2.x.x
  • JGCSCSE 3.1.5 released 3 October 2010 for EditPad Pro 6.x.x., PowerGREP 3.x.x, RegexBuddy 3.x.x, and RegexMagic 1.x.x
  • JGCSCSE 2.2.0 released 27 July 2004 for EditPad Pro 5.x.x, and PowerGREP 2.x.x
  • JGCSCSE 1.1.1 released 29 March 2001 for EditPad Pro 4.x.x
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“I am using syntax coloring more and more now. This morning I created a little quick coloring scheme for .sfm (standard format markers) which are still being used in my line of work. Took just a few minutes and makes the reading of files so much easier.”
— Martin Zaske
  21 March 2016, Benin

Upload Your Syntax Coloring Scheme

If you want to make your own syntax coloring scheme available for download, please enter the complete path to the .jgcscs file on your local hard disk below. Your web browser will then upload the file to our web server, where it will be stored and made available for download.

Only licensed users of EditPad Pro, PowerGREP and RegexBuddy are allowed to upload their schemes to our web site. Therefore, we ask that you enter your EditPad Pro, PowerGREP or RegexBuddy user ID below, as well as the email address associated with your license. This is the same user ID and email address that you would use to download your fully licensed copy of EditPad Pro, PowerGREP or RegexBuddy. Note that your email address is needed for verification only. It will not be displayed on this web site.

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Updating Your Scheme

If you have updated your scheme, simply upload it again using the above form. The server will notice that a scheme with the same file name was already uploaded by you (you are identified by your user ID). The previous version will then be replaced with the new version.

Note that other people will not be able to overwrite your scheme. If they try to upload a scheme with the same file name, they will be asked to rename their scheme and then upload again.

Deleting Outdated Schemes

If you want to remove a scheme file that you previously uploaded, please enter the file name of the scheme (e.g. MyScheme.jgcscs) below. You also need to enter the EditPad Pro, PowerGREP, RegexBuddy, or RegexMagic user ID and email address that you used to upload the scheme. You can only delete schemes that you uploaded yourself.

Email address:
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File name:

“I came across your editor because I was looking for one with powerful syntax coloring capabilities. I use it at work to improve the readability of large debug log output files.

“I was using TextPad for this but it does not have much syntax coloring support. I tried jEdit. It is about as powerful as EditPad Pro concerning syntax coloring, but it is written in Java and is painfully slow when using complex coloring rules together with a large text file (and logging files tend to become pretty large!). So I was looking for a text editor which has powerful syntax coloring capabilities and is not written in Java - and I found EditPad Pro.

“I took the risk and simply bought it. And I was not disappointed regarding the syntax coloring capabilities! This is just great! And it is fast. :-D”
— Peter Remmers
  12 April 2007, Germany
“It’s time to tell you what I really think of EditPadPro. [...] I can tell you, that I am extremely satisfied. In particular, the new syntax coloring tools put EditPadPro in a whole different class!
— Scott D. Friedemann
  December 2000