Be More Productive with Your Favorite Text Editor

Duplicate Text as You Type

EditPad Pro’s key advantage over other text editors is that it is very convenient to use. Here I will show you how a seemingly unimportant ability of EditPad Pro makes a common text editing task a little easier.

On many occasions, the same piece of text needs to be entered multiple times in succession. E.g. if you want to create a link to a page on a web site, and use the URL as the link text, you need to type:

<A HREF="//">//</A>

In EditPad Pro, you can do this with a minimum of effort. First, you need to enable persistent selections in Options|Preferences|Editor. Persistent selections don’t disappear when you move the text cursor, which allows you to copy and move text with much greater easy, as I will show you now.

1. Start with typing <A HREF="

2. Press Ctrl+Shift+B or whichever shortcut you assigned to Block|Begin Selection.

3. Type //

4. Press Ctrl+Shift+E or whichever shortcut you assigned to Block|End Selection. This will select the URL you just typed.

5. Type ">
(If the selected URL disappears at this point, you forgot to enable persistent selections.)

6. Press Ctrl+D or the shortcut you assigned to Block|Duplicate

7. Type </A>

Notice how you duplicated the text as you typed, without wasting time to go back to select the text, copy it, and then paste it into the new position, as you would do with an ordinary editor such as Notepad. Also, you did not use the clipboard. Whatever you copied to the clipboard is still there, ready to be pasted again.

Though persistent selections take a little bit of getting used to, they do make text editing much more convenient.

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