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All-Purpose Text Editor for Programmers and Non-Programmers

Different tasks require different tools. When developing software, you want syntax highlighting, automatic indentation, line numbering, etc. When writing a letter, memo or web page, you want long paragraphs to be nicely word wrapped and you want to use a nice proportionally spaced font.

Many advanced text editors only cater to programmers. They can only use fixed-width fonts and have limited word wrapping capabilities. That is fine when you are programming. But it is silly to spend money on an advanced text editor that cannot handle all your text editing tasks. The reason why many programmer's editors have no or limited support for proportional fonts and word wrapping is that those features are difficult to combine with programming features. But EditPad Pro proves that the combination is perfectly possible.

EditPad Pro is extremely configurable. Many settings can be made per file type. EditPad Pro comes with many predefined file types. The result is that EditPad Pro will automatically enable coding features when you are editing source code, and will automatically enable other writing features when you are editing other text files.

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