Text Editor with Advanced and Flexible Search and Replace

EditPad Pro sports one of the most extensive search-and-replace features of any text editor. Quickly find the part of the file you want to edit. Automate much tedious editing with clever use of EditPad Pro’s search-and-replace.

  • The search pane sits docked below the editing area, rather than floating on top and partly obscuring it.
  • Enter any amount of text in the search and replace boxes. You are not limited to just one line.
  • Search forward or backward, from the current text cursor position or the start/end of the file.
  • Find specific matches, such as the 13th match from the start of the file, or the 4th match before the text cursor, etc. Find the first match in the next file or the last match in the previous file.
  • Search or search-and-replace through the current file only, the current selection only, all files in the current project, or all files in all open projects.
  • Control which matches are replaced using the Search, Replace and Replace&Search Next toolbar buttons or corresponding keyboard shortcuts. No annoying pop-up prompts asking if you want to replace.
  • Use regular expressions to make complex replacements that you’d need to do manually otherwise. Use backreferences in the replacement text to reuse part or all of the search match in the replacement.
  • Instant Search finds the next or previous occurrence of the word under the text cursor, without opening the search pane or altering the search term in the search pane.
  • Highlight search matches to keep them in view, even as you edit the file.
  • Instant Highlight highlights all occurrences of the word under the text cursor, without opening the search pane or altering the search term in the search pane. You can configure EditPad Pro to do this when you double-click a word.
  • Incremental Search finds the next occurrence of the search term as you type in the search term, and backs up if you press backspace to delete the search term.
  • List All Matches shows all search matches with one line of context in a side panel. Double-click any match to jump to it in the file it was found in.
  • Find on Disk searches through a folder on disk, regardless of whether the files in that folder are open in EditPad Pro or not. You can choose whether subfolders are searched and whether all files or only files of certain types are searched through. You can choose to list the found matches in a side panel, open the files with search matches, or both.
  • Fold lines without search matches under lines that do match, leaving only matching lines visible. Matches can be highlighted while lines are folded.
  • Cut matches removes all search matches and puts them on the clipboard.
  • Copy matches copies all search matches to the clipboard.
  • Turn on the adapt case option to preserve upper, lower, and title case when doing a case insensitive search-and-replace.
  • Turn on the all files option to search through all open files in the active project.
  • Turn on the all projects option to search through all open files in all open projects.
  • Turn on the closed projects option to search through open files as well as closed files that are part of the active project (or all open projects).
  • Turn on the line by line option to select, replace, cut, or copy the entire line when a match is found.
  • Turn on the inverted line by line option to select, replace, cut, or copy only those lines in which the search term cannot be found.
  • Get assistance from RegexBuddy and RegexMagic to easily create regular expressions. (RegexBuddy and RegexMagic are available separately.)
  • All of EditPad Pro’s search-and-replace features, except line folding, are available in hexadecimal mode too.
  • Repeat any of the last 16 searches via the Search History.
  • Add any number of search terms or regular expressions to the Search Favorites.
  • Keep track of how many matches were found thus far with a permanent indicator on the status bar.

You Need EditPad Pro To Edit Text Files

Only US$ 59.95
Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10, and 11
32-bit and 64-bit
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“EditPad Pro has helped me a lot in handling a lot of situations where without this software, it is almost impossible to achieve, especially when it comes to searching a large amount of data using regular expressions. In my opinion, your regular expression search engine is the only one that truly implements it correctly and efficiently.”
— Eugene Wu
  8 July 2017, California, USA
“I use EditPad Pro everyday where I work with EDI file transfers. I like it very much. The features I like the most: the ability to edit/read very large files, search files across disks/directories and to utilize regex to do string searches. It saves me time every time I use your app.”
— Greg Gehman
  27 February 2017, Pennsylvania, USA
“I’ve been using EditPad Pro for over a decade and I love it. It’s my general, all-purpose, go-to editor. The comprehensive regular expressions support and rectangular selections capabilities alone, have saved me countless hours of work. It’s one of the first tools I install when moving to a new machine.”
— Walter Pelowski
  22 August 2016, Michigan, USA
“I love your software. It works great and I like having tools written by people who actually freakin understand regular expressions. A lot of editors pretend to do regex and make a mess of it.”
— Bruce Brownlee
  3 April 2008, Georgia, USA