EditPad 8 Help

Welcome to the documentation for EditPad Lite 8 and EditPad Pro 8. All features that are available in EditPad Lite are also available in EditPad Pro. Some features are available in EditPad Pro but not in EditPad Lite. Those features are indicated as (available in EditPad Pro only) in this help file.

If you are upgrading from EditPad Pro 6 or 7 to EditPad Pro 8, check out what’s new in EditPad Pro 8 and learn how to migrate to EditPad Pro 8.

EditPad is very configurable. Almost every aspect can be adjusted to your own tastes and habits. Many settings can be made separately for each file type. To do so, select Options|Configure File Types in the menu. To edit general preferences, use Options|Preferences.

You can access all of EditPad’s functionality through the main menu. Once you get used to working with EditPad, you’ll mostly rely on the fully configurable toolbar and keyboard shortcuts.

EditPad’s menus are:

Some functionality can be accessed through panels that dock to the sides of EditPad’s window: