Extra|Spell Check

(available in EditPad Pro only)

Select |Spell Check from the Extra menu to check the spelling of the current file. The spell check function always starts from the beginning of the file.

The pane below appears during the spell check process:

When a word is not found in the dictionary, it will be selected in the editor and reported in the upper left area of the spell check pane. EditPad Pro will start searching through the dictionary for words similar to the misspelled one, and show them in the list. As long as "(searching...)" is visible, EditPad Pro is still looking for more possible, correctly spelled substitutions. You do not have to wait until EditPad Pro is finished. You can correct the error right away.

If the word is really misspelled, you can type in the correctly spelled word in the "Replace with" field. You can also click on an item in the list with EditPad Pro's suggestions and it will automatically be placed in the "Replace with" field. If you click on "Suggest similar", EditPad Pro will start looking for words in the dictionary similar to what you typed into the "Replace with" field.

Then you need to click one of the three replace buttons:  "Replace" will replace the misspelled word with the replacement just this time. "Replace All" will replace the misspelled word with the replacement every time it is found during the current EditPad Pro session. When you pick File|Exit or switch to a different language, the replacement is forgotten. If you click "Learn Replace", EditPad Pro will always automatically replace the misspelled word with the replacement and remember this even if you quit EditPad Pro.

You can also fix the error directly in the editor. After doing so, you will have to click the "Resume" button to continue to check the spelling of the rest of the file.

If the word is correctly spelled, you can click "Ignore" to accept the word as correct just this time. "Ignore All" will make EditPad Pro ignore all occurrences of this word until you switch languages or close EditPad Pro. "Learn" will make EditPad Pro add the word to its dictionary and will from then on always be accepted as correct.

If you make a mistake, click on "Back" to restore the original word.

Click "Abort" to stop spell checking and close the pane.

The "Word List" button allows you to edit the list of words that you added to the custom dictionary. When you click the button, a new window will appear. The left hand side of the window contains the list of words that you specified as correctly spelt by clicking on the "Learn" button. The right hand side of the window contains pairs of words separated by an equals sign (=). These are the automatic replacements you added by clicking the "Learn Replace" button. Whenever the spell checker finds the word at the left side of the equals sign, it will be replaced with the word at the right of the equals sign.

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