Extra|Live Spelling

(available in EditPad Pro only)

Pick Live Spelling from the Extra menu to turn on or off live spell checking for the current file. Live spell checking will mark all words that do not appear in the dictionary. By default, they will appear underlined and in red. You can change the look and whether live spelling is on or of by default in File Types|Colors.

Live spelling, as well as the regular spell check in EditPad Pro, works together with EditPad Pro's syntax coloring. Each syntax coloring scheme can exclude certain parts of the file from the spell check. Schemes for programming languages, such as the C++ and Java schemes, will restrict the spell checker to strings and comments. Those are likely to contain natural language, and therefore words that should appear in the dictionary. Other parts of the file are likely to contain specialized programming syntax, consisting of words and character sequences that are not English words.

If a word is marked as misspelled, you can double click on it to open the spell check pane. The pane will present you with a list of suggested replacements for the word, as well as allow you to ignore the word or add it to the dictionary. As soon as the word has passed the spell check, the spell check pane will close automatically.

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