Download Spell Check Dictionaries

(available in EditPad Pro only)

Before you can use Extra|Spell Check or Extra|Live Spelling, you need to download and install spell check dictionaries for one or more languages. You can easily do so right within EditPad Pro. Pick Options|Configure File Types from the menu, and click on the Colors and Syntax tab. Click the button "Download Spell Checker Dictionaries". EditPad Pro will then connect to the Internet to fetch a list of available languages.

If you want, you can choose the folder into which the dictionaries should be installed. If you specify a folder that does not exist, EditPad Pro will create it. All dictionaries must be installed into the same folder. If you already installed some dictionaries, and then install another dictionary into a different folder, EditPad Pro will move the previously installed dictionaries to the new folder.

To install a dictionary, click on the language you want in the list, and click the Install button. EditPad Pro will then automatically download the dictionary, and install it into the folder you specified. A progress meter will appear while downloading.

You can have as many dictionaries installed as you want. There is no need to uninstall dictionaries. However, if you want, you can select a language and click the Uninstall button to delete a spell check dictionary.

If you are behind a proxy server, and EditPad Pro is unable to detect your proxy settings, you can change them by clicking the Settings button.

Due to firewall and other network settings, it is possible that EditPad Pro cannot connect to the Internet directly. In that case, you can manually download and install the dictionaries from