When you pick Options|Preferences in the menu, the EditPad Preferences screen appears. Since there are a lot of things you can configure, the available settings are split into several tabbed pages.

EditPad is very configurable, and the number of choices may seem a bit overwhelming. Fortunately, if a certain option seems meaningless to you, you can simply leave it in its default state. The default settings have been carefully chosen so that EditPad is fully functional even if you do not make any changes in the Preferences screen at all. In its default configuration, EditPad will work like most Windows text editors.

All the options you can set in the Preferences screen are global settings. They affect EditPad’s overall behavior. Many editing and display settings are available through the file type configuration. Those allow you to use different settings for different kinds of files.

The available pages are:

The main menu, all toolbars, and various right-click menus can be configured by right-clicking on the main menu or on any toolbar and selecting Customize.