Shortcuts Preferences

Create Shortcuts to EditPad

This page in the Preferences window makes it easy for you to create shortcut icons to EditPad. Select the various places where you want a shortcut icon and click the "Create/Remove Shortcuts Now" button. To remove a shortcut, clear the appropriate checkboxes and press the same button.

If you place a shortcut in the "Startup menu (submenu of Programs menu)", the green EditPad icon will automatically appear next to the system clock whenever you turn on your computer.

Put a shortcut in the "Send To menu" so you can quickly open any file in EditPad from within Windows Explorer by right-clicking on the file, selecting Sent To from the context menu and then selecting EditPad.

The "Quick Launch Toolbar" is not available in Windows 7.

Right-Click Explorer Action

EditPad Pro can also add itself to the context menu of every file and/or every folder in Windows Explorer. The context menu is the menu that appears when you click on an item with the right hand mouse button. Select the context menus in which you want EditPad Pro to appear, and click "Create/Remove EditPad Actions Now".