Statusbar Preferences

(available in EditPad Pro only)

While both EditPad Lite and Pro have a status bar, it is only configurable in EditPad Pro. EditPad Pro can show many more indicators on the status bar. You may not want to clutter the screen with all of them. Select Options|Preferences in the menu, and click on the Statusbar tab.

You can show or hide indicators on the status bar by marking or clearing the checkboxes at the left of the items in the list. You can also hide the status bar altogether by turning off “show status bar”.

You can change the order in which the items are shown on the status bar by dragging and dropping them in the list. Click on an item, hold the mouse button down and drag it to the spot where you want it and release the mouse button. The topmost item in the list will become the leftmost item on the status bar.

The following status bar indicators are available: