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EditPad provides two search interfaces. When used by itself, the search toolbar is docked to the bottom of EditPad’s window. The search toolbar provides all of EditPad’s search and replace commands. It has two small edit boxes for entering a short single-line search term and replacement text.

Search toolbar

The full search panel has two large multi-line edit controls for entering the search term and the replacement text. It also incorporates the search toolbar with all the search and replace commands, but without the two small edit boxes.

Search panel

When you start EditPad for the first time, only the search toolbar is visible. You can switch to using the full search panel by selecting Multi-Line Search Panel in the Search menu. You can switch back to using the search toolbar only by using Multi-Line Search Panel again.

When the search toolbar is visible but the full search panel is not, you can hide the search toolbar by right-clicking on any toolbar or the main menu and selecting Search. When both the search toolbar and search panel are invisible, the Multi-Line Search Panel makes both visible as usual, but using Multi-Line Search Panel again will hide both the search toolbar and search panel again. If you want to bring back the search toolbar without the full search panel, right-click again on any toolbar or the main menu and select Search again.

To summarize: EditPad has 3 modes for its search interface: toolbar and panel hidden, toolbar visible alone, panel with toolbar visible. The Multi-Line Search Panel command switches from one of the first 2 modes to the “panel with toolbar visible” mode, and back to whichever of the first 2 modes you were using. Right-clicking on a toolbar and selecting Search switches between the first two modes.

Both the search and replace edit boxes on the search panel are full-blown multi-line edit controls, just like EditPad’s main editor. They provide syntax coloring for regular expressions and match placeholders. Press Shift+Enter on the keyboard to type in and search for or replace with a newline. To type in a tab, press Shift+Tab. To switch from search to replace and back, press Tab.

If you right-click the search or replace edit box, you will see a list of the last 16 search or replace texts you used. Click on one to use it again.

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