Options|Record Size

(available in EditPad Pro only)

What Options|Word Wrap is to text editing, Options|Record Size is to hexadecimal editing. Use this menu item to change the number of bytes that EditPad Pro displays on each row in hexadecimal mode. If you enter zero, you get EditPad Pro’s default behavior of showing the smallest multiple of 8 bytes that fits within the width of EditPad’s window. If you enter a positive number, that’s the number of bytes EditPad Pro displays on a row. You can enter any number. It doesn’t have to be divisible by 8 or by 2.

The Record Size command is particularly useful for editing binary files in which each record takes up a specific number of bytes. Set the record size to that number of bytes to have one record on each line.

Note that the record size is a file type specific setting in EditPad Pro. If you change the setting through the Options menu or the toolbar, it is applied to the active file only. If you create a new file or open an existing one then EditPad uses the setting you made on the Encoding page for the type of file you are creating or opening. Also, when you use File|Save As to save the file as a different file type, the setting for the current file changes to what you specified for the new file type.

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