File|Save As

Saves the active file under a new name. If the active file has previously been saved, the original copy will remain available. If you later use File|Save after using File|Save As, it will save under the new name as well. This is indicated by the file name on the tab which changes after you use File|Save As.

When you select File|Save As, a save file common dialog box will appear. You can select the folder in which you want to save and type in a file name. You can configure the initial folder of the save dialog in the Open Files Preferences.

If you do not specify an extension for the file name, EditPad adds one depending on the selection you made in the filters (the bottommost drop-down list) in the Save As dialog box. If the active filter is "any file" (*.*), no extension is added. If any other filter is active, the default extension for that file type will be added to the file name. The default extension is the first extension listed in the Extensions setting of the file type's settings.

If you do specify an extension, EditPad will save the file with that extension. If the extension is part of another file type, all the file type dependent settings such as auto indent, number lines and word wrap will be changed to match the settings for that new file type as made in the file type configuration.

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