Edit|Insert Page Break

(available in EditPad Pro only)

Select Insert Page Break from the Edit menu to insert a page break into the current file at the current position of the text cursor.

A page break shows up as a horizontal line while you edit the file in EditPad Pro. When you print the file, a new page is started at each page break. The first paragraph below the horizontal line indicating the page break is the first paragraph on the new page.

By default, pressing Ctrl+Enter on the keyboard also inserts a page break. But you can change Ctrl+Enter to insert a different kind of line break. You can do this for the active file with the Convert|Line Break Style menu item. You can change the default for each file type on the Encoding page in the file type configuration.

Changing Ctrl+Enter to insert something other than a page break does not affect the Edit|Insert Page Break menu item. The menu item always inserts a page break.

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