Edit|Auto Match Brackets

(available in EditPad Pro only)

If you have a habit of immediately entering a closing bracket or having Edit|Insert Matching Bracket do so after entering an opening bracket, you can turn on Edit|Auto Match Brackets to have EditPad automatically enter the closing bracket for you. If you also have Options|Auto Break turned on then breaking and indentation is immediately applied to both the opening bracket that you entered and the closing bracket that was automatically entered. The cursor stays before the closing bracket and any breaking or indentation applied to it. So you can immediately enter the contents of the bracket pair.

Edit|Auto Match Brackets is only available when bracket matching is enabled on the Brackets page in the file type configuration for the active file’s file type. The syntax coloring scheme determines exactly which brackets are matched. See that section in this help file to learn how bracket matching works in EditPad Pro.

The advantage of automatically inserting matching brackets is that you are less likely to end up with unpaired brackets. The disadvantage is that you have to move the cursor beyond the closing bracket yourself. If you want to avoid that, turn off Auto Match Brackets and use Edit|Insert Matching Bracket instead.

Note that “auto match brackets” is a file type specific setting in EditPad Pro. If you change the setting through the Options menu or the toolbar, it is applied to the active file only. If you create a new file or open an existing one then EditPad uses the setting you made on the Brackets page for the type of file you are creating or opening. Also, when you use File|Save As to save the file as a different file type, the setting for the current file changes to what you specified for the new file type.

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