Project|Close Project

(available in EditPad Pro only)

Closes the current project and all the files in the project. If any files in the project have unsaved modifications, depending on the choice you made in Open Files Preferences, EditPad will ask if you want to save or not, automatically save, or automatically discard the changes. When you close the last project, EditPad automatically starts with a new untitled project, with one blank untitled file.

If you previously saved the project with Project|Save Project As, then the closed project is added to the top of the Project|Open Project submenu. You can use that submenu to quickly reopen the project. When you open the project again, it will show up with the same set of open files as you had open when you closed the project. The only exception are outside files in managed projects. Since outside files aren’t part of the project, they aren’t remembered by it and aren’t reopened when you reopen the project.

If you did not previously save the project, it will be closed without asking you whether you want to save it. If you want to work with the same set of files again, you’ll have to reopen the files separately.

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