Project|Open Project

(available in EditPad Pro only)

Opens an EditPad Pro Project saved with Project|Save Project. Click the Project|Open Project item directly to show a file selection window from which to select the .epp file. Or use the submenu of the Project|Open Project item to reopen a recently closed project. Opening a project removes it from the Project|Open submenu. Closing a project adds it to the top of the Project|Open submenu. You can manage the Project|Open Project submenu just like the File|Open submenu.

You can have as many projects open at the same time as you want. Opening a project does not close any projects that are already open. If you opened individual files before opening the project, those files are in an untitled project that will remain open. If the active project is untitled and holds only a blank untitled file, then the blank project is closed when you open a project.

Each file can be open only once in a single EditPad instance. If the project you’re opening holds a file that is already open in another project that is open in EditPad, the file is closed in the other project. If that project is unmanaged, that causes the file to be removed from the other project. If the other project is managed, the file is still closed in that project, but it remains part of it. The file’s options, cursor position, and any unsaved changes are all preserved. The file is closed in the other project and moved “as is” to the newly opened project.

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