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(available in EditPad Pro only)

New Project
Open Project
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Save Project As
Save All Files in Project

Open Folder

Managed Project
Add to Project
Add to Project Unopened
Add Active File
Add Outside Files
Open Closed Files

Remove From Project
Remove Closed Files
Remove Obsolete Files

Close Outside Files
Close All Files

Reload Files from Disk
Save Copy of Project As
Rename / Move Project

Import File Listing
Export File Listing

Delete Project

Close Project
Close All but Current

About EditPad Pro Projects

An EditPad Pro Project is a series of files that you can open all at once through Project|Open Project. If you regularly work with a set of related files, it is convenient to create a project file for them. You could have a project for your web site, for the source code of an application you are working on, the chapters of your next book, etc.

When you start EditPad Pro, it opens with an untitled project containing one untitled blank file. To create a project, simply open all the files that should be in the project. If you already have some files open that you don’t want to be in the new project, select Project|New Project in the menu before opening the files. After opening the files, save the project with Project|Save Project As. From that point on, EditPad Pro automatically maintains the project. Whenever you open new files into the project, or close files, the project’s file list is updated.

If you prefer to actively manage the list of files in the project, turn on the Managed Project option in the Project menu. Then you can use the commands below that item to add files to the project or remove them. You can still open and close files as usual using the File menu, but opened files won’t be added to the project, and closed files won’t be removed.

Project files also keep track of the last editing position, bookmarks and editing options for each file in the project. When you reopen a project the next time you start EditPad Pro, it will be in exactly the same state as it was in when you last closed the project. EditPad Pro will not bother you with prompts to save the project.

You can have as many projects open at the same time as you want. Creating a new project or opening an existing one does not close the files or projects that you already have open. By default, once you have two or more projects open, a second row of tabs will appear above the row of tabs for files. The new row of tabs allows you to switch between open projects. The tabs for files will list only those files that are part of the active project. Tabs can be configured in the Tabs Preferences.