View|Split Editor

(available in EditPad Pro only)

Click on the Split Editor item in the View menu to split the editor into two, giving you two independent views of the active file. In the submenu of the Split Editor item you can choose whether the editor should be split horizontally or vertically, or whether the second editor should be placed in a floating window. The floating window is useful if your PC has multiple monitors and you want the second view to be on another monitor. Clicking the Split Editor item directly toggles between not splitting and splitting using the method you last selected in the submenu.

You can switch keyboard focus between the two halves without altering their selections or cursor positions by pressing the keyboard shortcut for the View|Focus Editor command. F9 is the default.

When you switch between files while the editor is split, the editor remains split in the same way, and both halves of the editor will show the file that you switched to. EditPad cannot show more than one file at the same time in a single EditPad instance. Use View|New Editor to start a second instance.

By default, the two halves of the split editor scroll independently. Scrolling one half of the editor does not scroll the other half. If you want both halves to respond to your scrolling simultaneously, use the View|Joint Scrolling command.

Both editor halves maintain their own text cursor position and their own selection. Selecting text in one half does not select it in the other half. If you make a different selection in both halves, you can use Block|Swap Selections to swap the two blocks of text that you selected. All other commands that work on selections only work on the selection in the editor half that has keyboard focus, or that had keyboard focus most recently if neither half does.

Both editor halves do show the same file. Any changes you make to the file in one half automatically show up in the other half. Only the selections, cursor positions, and scrolling positions are independent.

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