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(available in EditPad Pro only)

When you try to start a new instance of EditPad through the Windows Start menu or a desktop shortcut, EditPad will activate the instance that was already running instead of starting a new instance. Any files that the new instance should have opened will be opened by the existing instance. Since EditPad is designed to make it easy to work with large numbers of files, you can easily work with all your documents in one location, without cluttering your desktop.

If you do want to have multiple instances of EditPad running, simply select the New Editor item in the View menu. This can be useful if you want to view two files side by side.

In the submenu of the New Editor item, you can select how the two instance should be positioned relative to each other. Clicking the New Editor item directly opens the instance using the option you selected last time.

The Open Active File item in the New Editor submenu has no immediate effect other than toggling the check mark next to the item. When checked, starting a new editor makes the new instance open the file that is active in the current instance.

The Horizontal Split and Vertical Split options change the size of the current instance. If you don’t resize the instance that was split after you launched the new instance, then closing the new instance automatically makes the split instance resize itself again to take back the space it occupied before it was split in half by the new instance.

If you want to start a second EditPad instance from a shortcut, script or application, you can do so with the /newinstance command line parameter. Then the new instance opens all the files you specify on the command line. It will not affect the size or position of any running instances, or set its own position based on any running instances. You can use an additional parameter such as /brl100t200r300b400 to set the new instance’s bounding rectangle to left 100, top 200, right 300 and bottom 400, counting pixels from the top left corner of the screen.

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