Options|Indent Wrapped Lines

(available in EditPad Pro only)

When word wrap is on, you can select Indent Wrapped Lines in the Options menu to toggle wrapping line indentation on or off. When off, wrapped lines start at the first column regardless of the indentation of the original line. When on, wrapped lines are indented a certain amount. By default wrapped lines are indented by the same amount as the line they were wrapped from. You can specify a different indentation amount for wrapped lines on the Editor page in the file type configuration. Wrapped lines can be indented a specific number of columns or they can be indented a certain number of columns more or less than the line they were wrapped from. This is known as “hanging indent”. Whether they are indented by default is also set in the file type configuration.

This option never affects the first line in each paragraph (block of lines wrapped from the same line in the file). The first line in the paragraph is only indented if the line starts with spaces or tabs.

If you change a file’s wrapped line indentation setting, EditPad Pro remembers that when you close and reopen the file if you tick “preserve file settings” on the Save Files page in the Preferences.

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