Options|Visualize Indentation

(available in EditPad Pro only)

Turn on Visualize Indentation in the Options menu if you want EditPad Pro to indicate indentation levels with vertical lines or different background colors for the indentation.

On the Navigation page in the file type configuration you can specify whether indentation indicators should be on or off by default for each file type. There you can also specify which lines should have indentation indicators and whether indentation indicators may go through insufficiently indented lines.

To change the color and visual style of the indentation indicators, customize the color palette and change the “Editor: Indentation level 1” through “Editor: Indentation level 4” colors. You can have 4 different colors for the indentation indicators to make it easier to follow deeply nested indentation. The 4 colors are cycled every 4 indentation levels. EditPad Pro can show indentation indicators up to 63 levels deep. You can make colors 1 and 3 as well as 2 and 4 the same if you want to have two alternating colors for indentation indicators. Or you can make all 4 the same if you want the indicators to be more subtle.

Selecting a vertical style for the indentation levels in the color palette makes indentation indicators appear as vertical lines. Selecting a background color applies that background color to the spaces and tabs used for indentation, whether they are visualized or not. If you allow indentation indicators to go through insufficiently indented lines then the text color of the indentation levels is applied to the insufficiently indented text.

If you change a file’s “visualize indentation” setting, EditPad Pro remembers that when you close and reopen the file if you tick “preserve file settings” on the Save Files page in the Preferences.

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