Convert|Quotes|Primes ⇒ Quotes

(available in EditPad Pro only)

Select Primes ⇒ Quotes in the Quotes submenu of the Convert menu to convert all primes in the selected text into quotes. If there is no selection, the primes on the line that the cursor is on are converted.

Single and double primes as well as single and double reverse primes are converted into smart quotes according to the settings in the “straight to smart quotes” group in Convert|Quotes|Quotation Style. A prime may be converted into an opening or a closing quote using the same rules and logic that Convert|Quotes|Straight ⇒ Smart Quotes uses to convert straight quotes into opening or closing quotes.

If you set the quotation style to “keep straight quotes” then Primes ⇒ Quotes converts single and double primes into straight single and double quotes. Reverse primes are then converted into backticks and reverse double primes into two backticks.

Triple primes are always converted into three straight single quotes. Quadruple primes are always converted into two straight double quotes. Reverse triple primes are always converted into three backticks.

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