Convert|Lines|Double ⇒ Single Spacing

(available in EditPad Pro only)

A text file is double-spaced if there is a blank line between each line of text. Select Double ⇒ Single Spacing in the Lines submenu of the Convert menu to remove those blank lines. If you select multiple lines of text first, only the selected block is converted. If there is no selection or the selection does not span multiple lines, then this conversion affects the entire file.

If you use the double to single spacing conversion on a file that is not double-spaced, EditPad Pro removes as many alternating blank lines as possible. If part of the file is single spaced and part is double spaced, the whole file becomes single spaced. If the entire file is single spaced, but blank lines are used to separate paragraphs, then those blank lines are removed.

Certain files appear double-spaced in EditPad but single-spaced in other applications such as Notepad. This is caused by a different interpretation of line break characters. Usually, those files were incorrectly transferred between a Windows and UNIX system, such as a PC and a web server. This causes incorrect line break characters to be added to the file. You can easily fix such files in EditPad Pro. First, select Convert|Lines|Double ⇒ Single Spacing from the menu to remove the unwanted blank lines. Blank lines that appeared in the original file will remain. Then, select Convert|Line Break Style|Windows to make all the line breaks consistent with the Windows format. If Convert|Line Break Style|Windows is grayed out (i.e. unavailable), then the file already uses the correct line breaks.

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