Convert|Quotes|Auto Adjust Quotes

(available in EditPad Pro only)

On the Colors and Syntax page in the file type configuration you can select a syntax coloring scheme for each file type. A syntax coloring scheme can specify that certain straight quotes should be converted into smart quotes or that certain smart quotes should be converted into straight quotes.

The Auto Adjust Quotes item in the Quotes submenu of the Convert menu is only enabled when the syntax coloring scheme used for the active file specifies such quote conversion rules. This item is a toggle that you can turn on and off. When on, quote conversion rules are applied automatically to any text you enter when you move the cursor away from the line you entered the text on. This delay ensures that EditPad Pro can correctly distinguish between single quotes and apostrophes. It also ensures that the syntax coloring scheme can match up opening and closing quotes when the line is complete before any conversion is done.

The conversion done by Auto Adjust Quotes is exactly the same as that done by Convert|Quotes|Adjust Quotes and is explained in detail in that topic.

On the Editor page in the file type configuration you can toggle the “adjust quotes” checkbox to turn Auto Adjust Quotes on or off by default.

If you want to apply this conversion to text that is already present in the file or to text that you have pasted, use the Convert|Quotes|Adjust Quotes command. You can use this command regardless of whether Auto Adjust Quotes is on or off.

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