Mark|Set Bookmark 1, 2, 3...

(available in EditPad Pro only)

You can place up to ten numbered bookmarks in every file open in EditPad Pro using the ten Set Bookmark X commands in the Mark menu. You can quickly do so by pressing Shift+Ctrl+1, Shift+Ctrl+2, etc. on the keyboard. When you place a bookmark, you will see a green square with a white number in the left margin, indicating the bookmark's position. You can remove a bookmark by setting the bookmark again on the same paragraph. Setting a previously set bookmark removes it from its previous location.

If there is already a bookmark on the line the cursor is on, that bookmark is removed. If that bookmark had the same number as the one you're setting, then no bookmark is set. If the removed bookmark was numberless or had a different number, it is replaced with the bookmark number of the Set Bookmark X command you've invoked.

Though bookmarks are shown in the left margin, they are placed at character positions. Bookmarks stay with the character they were placed at when you edit the file. If you delete the character, the bookmark shifts to the nearest remaining character.

Bookmarks are not saved into a file when you use File|Save. EditPad Pro does automatically remember the bookmarks you set for all files that are listed in the reopen menu, and all files you added to your favorites. Projects also store the bookmarks for all the files in the project. When opening files by opening a project, the files' bookmarks are restored from the project file. When opening a file without opening a project, its bookmarks are retrieved from the reopen menu or the favorites if the file is listed there, even if you didn't use the reopen menu or the favorites menu to open the file.

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