(available in EditPad Pro only)

In the Favorites submenu of the File menu, you can keep lists of files that you often work with. This way you can quickly open them to continue working on them.

To add a file to your favorites list, first open the file in EditPad. Then select File|Favorites|Add Current File from the menu. The next time you open the File|Favorites menu, you will see the file listed there. The files are sorted alphabetically by their complete path names. If you have added folders via the Organize Favorites screen (see below), you can add a file to one of the folders by selecting the “Add Current File” item from the folder’s menu.

To purge files that no longer exist from the list of favorites, select “Remove Obsolete Files” from the Favorites menu. If you have created folders, non-existent files will be purged from those folders as well. To remove only certain files, whether they still exist or not, use the Organize Favorites screen.

To open one of your favorite files, simply choose it from the Favorites menu. To open many of your favorite files, use Organize Favorites.

Organize Favorites

Click the File|Favorites item directly or select Organize Favorites from the File|Favorites submenu to organize the list of your favorite files, or to open many of those files quickly.

Creating folders is useful if you have more than twenty favorite files. If you add more than 20 files directly to the favorites menu, or to one of the folders, then the menu listing your favorites will become very long and difficult to use. Note that creating a folder here to hold your favorites does not actually create a folder on your hard disk. It simply adds a hierarchical structure to the list of favorites stored in your EditPad Pro preferences. Use the New Folder button to create a new folder to which you can add favorites. You can change the caption of a folder by clicking on the folder and then clicking on the Rename Folder button.

When adding files to the favorites list, they are added to the main list if either nothing is selected or if a file in the main list is selected. To add files to a folder, select either the folder or a file in that folder. Click the Add Files button to find and add files.

You can move files between folders by dragging and dropping them with the mouse. EditPad Pro automatically sorts the list of favorites alphabetically. You cannot rearrange files inside a folder. If you drop a file onto another file then it becomes a sibling of that file. If you drop a file onto a folder then it is placed inside that folder. If you drop a file on the folder that it is already inside of then it becomes a sibling of that folder.

To open one or more files, select them and click on the Open button. Note that when selecting more than one file, all the files must be in the same folder. You cannot select multiple files across folders. If you want to open files from several folders, open them folder by folder. You can click the Open button as many times as you want to open as many files as you want.

To remove one or more files from the favorites, select them and click on the Remove button. This will not delete the files, but only remove them from the list of favorites. If you want to remove all files that no longer exist, select Remove Obsolete Files, instead of Organize Favorites, from the File|Favorites menu.

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