Block|Persistent Selections

(available in EditPad Pro only)

By default, selections in EditPad Pro behave like in most other Windows applications. When you move the text cursor, by pressing a key on the keyboard or clicking somewhere with the mouse, the selection disappears. When you enter some text or paste from the clipboard, the selected text is replaced by the text you entered or pasted. Pressing the Backspace or Delete key deletes the selection.

If you turn on Persistent Selections in the Block menu or via the corresponding toolbar button, then moving the text cursor does not cause the selection to disappear. Also, entering or pasting text does not delete the selected text. The typed or pasted text is inserted at the position of the text cursor, whether that is inside or outside of the selection. If it is inside the selection, the selection is expanded to include both the text originally selected and the newly entered text.

Pressing the Backspace or Delete key does not delete a persistent selection. It only deletes one character to the left or right of the cursor. Press Ctrl+Delete to delete a persistent selection.

A key benefit of persistent selections is that you can copy and move text within a file using Block|Duplicate and Block|Move. Persistent selections are also easily expanded with Block|Expand Selection.

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