Block|End Selection

(available in EditPad Pro only)

After using Block|Begin Selection, you can select End Selection from the Block menu to select the text between the current position of the text cursor and the position stored by Begin Selection. You can use End Selection as many times as you want after using Begin Selection. The selection will continue to start at the same position, until you use Begin Selection again. If you want to make a rectangular selection, select Block|Rectangular Selections from the menu before selecting End Selection.

The End Selection command works slightly differently when selections are persistent. Then it is possible that part of the file is already selected, without the text cursor being positioned at the end of the selection. In that case, End Selection moves the ending position of the selection to the current position of the text cursor, and nothing is remembered. If the new ending position is further away from the starting position, the selection will be expanded. If the new ending position is above the starting position when the old one was below it, or vice versa, the selection will be pivoted around the starting position. If the new ending position is inside the old selection, the selection will be shrunk.

If there is no selection, Begin Selection remembers the position for use with End Selection, whether selections are persistent or not.

If you use the menu item or toolbar button to invoke this command, it will be invoked on EditPad's main editor, where you edit files. If you press the shortcut key on the keyboard, it will be invoked on whichever editor is showing the text cursor (vertical blinking bar), whether that's the main editor, the search box or the replace box.

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