Edit Clip

(available in EditPad Pro only)

To edit a clip in the Clip Collection, select the clip, and click the Edit Clip button in the Clip Collection toolbar.

A clip consists of the following parts:

Label: The label that identifies the clip in the collection. If you do not type in a label, the start of the text itself is used as the label.

Kind: EditPad Pro supports different kinds of clips. “Plain text” clips hold ordinary text. A word, a sentence, several paragraphs, or a complete text document of any size. “Rectangular text block” clips hold a rectangular selection. “Binary data” clips hold data in hexadecimal format. If you create a clip while EditPad Pro is in hexadecimal mode, the clip will hold “binary data”.

“Before and after text” are a special, very useful kind of clip. You cannot create such a clip by dragging and dropping some text onto the Clip Collection. You can only create them by editing a clip, or by clicking the New Clip button when no text is selected. These clips are very useful to insert frequently used bits of text that consist of an opening and a closing part, such as HTML tags. The before part is placed before the cursor or selection, and the after part is placed behind it.

Indent: Turn on the indent option for “plain text” and “before and after text” clips, if the clip consists of multiple lines, and you want the second and subsequent lines to be lined up with the first line. E.g. source code is often indented to indicate block structure. Turn on the “indent” option for clips holding source code snippets, and they will be properly indented when you use them.

Text: The text stored by the clip. You can use all text editing keyboard shortcuts and mouse actions to edit the text of a clip.