Project|New Project

(available in EditPad Pro only)

Select New Project in the Project menu to start with an untitled project containing a blank, untitled file.

An untitled project is simply a holding space for files. When working with lots of files at the same time, it’s often handier to create a bunch of untitled, temporary projects to hold different sets of files. Instead of having one long row of tabs for all the files, you’ll have one row of tabs for the projects, and one row of tabs showing only the files in the active project. It’s often faster to switch between files by clicking on one project tab and on one file tab, than to scroll through a long list of file tabs.

If you regularly work with the same set of files, save the project with Project|Save Project As. From that point on, EditPad Pro automatically maintains the project. Whenever you open new files into the project, or close files, the project’s file list is updated.

If you prefer to actively manage the list of files in the project, turn on the Managed Project option in the Project menu. Then you can use the commands below that item to add files to the project or remove them. You can still open and close files as usual using the File menu, but opened files won’t be added to the project, and closed files won’t be removed.

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