Options|Export Preferences

Use Options|Export Preferences to save your preferences into an .ini file. This allows you to transport them to another computer. The exported settings include those you make in Options|Preferences and Options|Configure File Types. In EditPad Pro, they also include your tools and your macros.

The exported settings do not include transient information such as history lists. It also does not include the size and layout of EditPad's window as that is dependent on monitor size and resolution.

The Export Preferences and Import Preferences commands are intended for sharing settings between team members and for migrating settings from an older version of EditPad to a newer version of EditPad. They are not intended to backup up and restore EditPad’s exact state. If you want to do that, back up and restore all the files in the folder %APPDATA%\JGsoft\EditPad Pro 8 under your Windows user profile.

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