Go|Back in Editing Positions

Select Back in Editing Positions in the Go menu to move the text cursor to the position in the current file where you last inserted or deleted some text. This makes it very comfortable to scroll through a file to look something up while editing. You can always jump back to the editing position where you left off to continue editing.

If you use the Back in Editing Position command a second time right after the first time, the cursor is moved to the editing position before the previous one. If you use it a third time, the cursor is moved to the editing position before that. You can use the command up to 16 times to revisit the last 16 spots in the file where you made changes.

If you go back too far, use the Go|Forward in Editing Positions command to move forward through the most recent editing positions.

EditPad remembers the last 16 editing positions for all files that you have open. The Back in Editing Positions command never switches between files. You can use Go|Back in Edited Files and Go|Forward in Edited Files to switch between recently edited files.

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