Go|Back in Edited Files

Select Back in Edited Files in the Go menu to activate the last file that you made a change to. If that file is already active, the file you last made a change to other than the active file is activated. When you have many files open, you can use this command to quickly go back to the file you were editing after you’ve looked at other files. E.g. if you want to copy and paste something from another file into the file you’re editing, switch to the other file, copy the text you want to paste, and then use Go|Back in Edited Files to instantly go back to the spot where you want to paste.

If you use the Previously Edited File command a second time, EditPad activates the second most recently edited file. EditPad remembers up to 16 files.

You can use the submenu of the Back in Edited Files command to directly select the file you want to go back to. If you have already gone back to a previously edited file then this file has a check mark in the submenu. Then you can use the same submenu to go forward in edited files too.

Essentially, the Back in Edited Files and Forward in Edited Files commands work like the Back and Forward buttons in a web browser. But they only remember files that you’ve actually edited, not every file you’ve viewed. If you want to switch between recently viewed files, regardless of whether you’ve edited them, use the Ctrl+Tab key combination with the “use most recent order when switching tabs with Ctrl+Tab“ preference turned on.

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