Download File Navigation Schemes

(available in EditPad Pro only)

When you click on the button to download file navigation schemes in the Navigation file type settings, EditPad Pro connects to the Internet. It downloads a list of custom syntax coloring schemes that have been created and generously shared by other EditPad Pro users. This list is then displayed in the window shown below.

Note: Any schemes you download are not automatically put to use. You will need to create or edit a file type to use a scheme that you downloaded.

The list presents you the following information about the available schemes:

If you click the Install button, EditPad Pro immediately downloads the scheme and saves it into the %APPDATA%\JGsoft\EditPad Pro 8 folder.

Click the Update button to download a scheme that you already installed again.

If you click the Uninstall button, EditPad Pro deletes the scheme from your computer when you close the window for downloading file navigation schemes.

If you are behind a proxy server, and EditPad Pro is unable to detect your proxy settings, you can change them by clicking the Settings button.