(available in EditPad Pro only)

Choose Statistics from the Extra menu to have EditPad Pro compute a bunch of statistics about the file you are currently editing. EditPad Pro creates a new tab to hold the statistics. An example:

                           Filename: S:\JGsoft\EditPad8\Help\source\extrastatistics.txt
                         Last saved: 27-Sep-2019 15:03
                          File size: 3,268 bytes
               Number of paragraphs:    38
                    Number of words:   493
       Number of letters and digits: 2,325
     Number of printable characters: 2,580
         Total number of characters: 3,240
                     Selection size:   650 bytes
                     Selected words:    71
        Selected letters and digits:   345
      Selected printable characters:   377
Total number of selected characters:   650

The first two lines indicate under which name the file was saved, and when it was last saved. The third line indicates the size of the file in bytes. The total file size is the total number of characters in the file, including hidden characters such as line breaks.

If part of the file was selected before you picked Extra|Statistics from the menu, then the size in bytes of the selection is indicated as well.

“Number of paragraphs” indicates the number of paragraphs in the file. A paragraph is a sequence of characters terminated by pressing Enter on the keyboard, which inserts a hard return into the file. If you turn off word wrapping, then each paragraph is displayed as one line. The number of lines is not indicated in the statistics, because it varies with word wrapping.

“Number of words” indicates the number of sequences of “letters and digits”, separated by sequences of “non-letters”. A sequence consisting of a single letter or digit is also considered a word. A “letter or digit” is any character that is matched by the character class \w in regular expressions. This includes letters, digits, and underscores in all scripts. You can test what EditPad Pro considers a letter by picking Search|Prepare to Search from the menu, typing \w into the search box, turning on the option “regular expressions“, and clicking the Search button. To search for words, use \w+ (slash lowercase w plus) instead.

“Number of characters” indicates the number of printable characters. This includes all characters except spaces, tabs, line breaks and other control characters. “Total number of characters” counts all characters, including whitespace, line breaks, and control characters.

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