Convert|Lines|Wrapping ⇒ Line Breaks

(available in EditPad Pro only)

When Options|Word Wrap is on, EditPad breaks up long lines so they fit within the width of the EditPad window or are no longer than a certain number of characters. This wrapping is dynamic. It is not saved into the file. Therefore, the file will look different if you change the word wrap settings or open it in another application.

Use Convert|Lines|Wrapping ⇒ Line Breaks if you want to solidify a text in its wrapped state. This converts all soft line breaks introduced by the wrapping into hard line breaks as if you had pressed Enter at each position where a long line is wrapped.

You will also be asked if you want to align the text at the left side only, or if you want to align it at both sides. If you choose to align to the left side only, only line breaks are inserted, as explained above. If you choose to align to both sides, EditPad Pro also inserts spaces into each line, so that each line has the same number of characters. The spaces are distributed evenly across each line. They are inserted next to spaces already present on the original line. When the file is viewed with a monospaced font such as Consolas then both the left and the right side of the text will be perfectly aligned.

This function also turns off word wrap.

If you want to limit the maximum length of each line in the file, you can first set the maximum line length by using the drop-down menu of the word wrap button on the toolbar. Then use Convert|Lines|Wrapping ⇒ Line Breaks.

You should use Convert|Lines|Wrapping ⇒ Line Breaks when you have finished editing a file that will be used by an application or system that does not support word wrapping, or does not support lines longer than a certain number of characters. For example, when preparing a message to be posted to a Usenet newsgroup or a message to be sent via email, you should set word wrap to 72 characters and then use Convert|Lines|Wrapping ⇒ Line Breaks. There are still a lot of newsreaders and email clients in use that cannot word wrap messages.

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