Click the History button on the Search panel to switch between the currently displayed search term and search options, and the ones you used before. This way you can easily work with two search actions. If you need to do a search-and-replace in several blocks in a file, for example, and you want to find the block by searching for another word, first search for the word and then do the search-and-replace in the first block. Then click the History button to instantly get back the search term. Find the second block, and click the History button again to get the search-and-replace search term and options.

EditPad’s search function remembers up to 16 search settings. You can access them via the submenu of the History button. Pick a search term from the menu to use it again. All the Search Options are also set the way they were when you last used the search term you just picked from the history.

If you only want to recall the search text or the replacement text, without changing any of the search options, right-click on the search box or replace box. The right-click menu lists the last 16 search texts or replacement texts.

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