Use regular expressions with EditPad’s search and replace to automate many editing task that would be tedious to do manually. The regex syntax is quite terse, making complex regular expressions sometimes difficult to interpret.

To make it easy to create regular expressions, we have developed RegexMagic. Instead of dealing with the cryptic regular expression syntax, use RegexMagic’s powerful patterns for matching characters, text, numbers, dates, times, email addresses, URLs, card numbers, etc. RegexMagic can detect these patterns when you mark your sample text. You can combine multiple patterns to match exactly what you want.

Click the RegexMagic button on the Search panel or select the RegexMagic item in the Search menu to start RegexMagic. When you have generated the new regular expression and replacement text, click the Send button in RegexMagic. RegexMagic will then close and send the new regular expression to EditPad. If you change your mind, close RegexMagic without clicking the Send button.

Use RegexMagic in combination with EditPad, as well as any other application you use regular expressions with. RegexMagic supports all popular regular expression flavors. If you are a programmer, RegexMagic has full support for a variety of programming languages and regex libraries.

See for more information about RegexMagic.

Please note that RegexMagic is a separate product. If you want to use RegexMagic with EditPad, you will need to purchase both products.