Use regular expressions with EditPad’s search and replace to automate many editing task that would be tedious to do manually. The regex syntax is quite terse, making complex regular expressions sometimes difficult to interpret.

To alleviate this complexity, we have developed a product called RegexBuddy. RegexBuddy makes it very easy to write and edit regular expressions. Use RegexBuddy’s detailed and descriptive regex tree, and the easy-to-grasp regex building blocks instead of or in combination with the regex syntax to define your search patterns.

Click the RegexBuddy button on the Search panel or select the RegexBuddy item in the Search menu to start RegexBuddy. The search and replace texts you entered in EditPad are automatically sent to RegexBuddy for editing. When you have prepared the new regular expression and replacement text, click the Send button in RegexBuddy. RegexBuddy then closes and sends the new regex and replacement to EditPad. If you change your mind, close RegexBuddy without clicking the Send button.

You can also use RegexBuddy to test your search patterns in a safe and intuitive sandbox. Very handy is the ability to collect your own libraries of regular expressions. Or use RegexBuddy’s standard library of regular expressions for common search patterns.

You can use RegexBuddy in combination with EditPad, as well as with any other application you use regular expressions with. If you are a programmer, RegexBuddy has full support for a variety of programming languages and regex libraries.

See for more information about RegexBuddy.

Please note that RegexBuddy is a separate product. If you want to use RegexBuddy with EditPad, you will need to purchase both products.