Search Option: Adapt Case (Adapt)

When the “case sensitive“ option is off, you can click the Adapt button on the Search toolbar to turn on the “adapt case” search option. When you do so, EditPad Pro adapts the casing of the replacement text to the casing of the search match to be replaced. EditPad Pro recognizes four casings: all uppercase, all lowercase, first letter capitalized, and first letter of each word capitalized. If EditPad Pro doesn’t recognize the casing, the replacement text is used exactly as you entered it.

E.g. when searching for “My DoG” and replacing with “My CaT”, then “my dog” is replaced with “my cat” (all lowercase), “MY DOG” with “MY CAT” (all uppercase), “My dog” with “My cat” (first letter capitalized) and “My Dog” with “My Cat” (first letter of each word capitalized). If EditPad Pro doesn’t recognize the casing, e.g. “my DOG”, then “My CaT” is substituted the way you entered it.

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