Tip of The Day

The first time EditPad starts without any prompts (such as it not being the default text editor), it shows the tip of the day screen at startup. The tips highlight some of EditPad’s more interesting features. Click the More Info button to open EditPad’s help file to learn more about the feature described in the tip. If you’re in the mood for reading tips, click the Next Tip button to read more tips.

Each time you start EditPad it shows a different tip. If you dismiss the tip of the day window within 3 seconds, such as by pressing the Esc key on the keyboard, EditPad assumes you didn’t read the tip, and shows the same tip next time. If you want to go back to a tip that you read in the past, click the Previous Tip button.

If you don’t want the tip of the day to be shown each time you start EditPad, clear the “show tip of the day at startup” checkbox before you dismiss the tip of the day window. If you want to show the tips again, select Tip of the Day in the Help menu, and tick the checkbox.

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