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After using Prepare to Search or pressing Ctrl+F and entering a search term, click the Previous button on the search toolbar or select the Find Previous item in the Search menu to find the previous search match. Find Previous starts searching from the current position of the text cursor in the current file. If the "selection only" option is on, Find Previous searches until the start of the search range. If "all files" is on, Find Previous searches until the start of the file and then continues at the end of the previous file until a search match is found. If "all projects" is on, and Find Previous reaches the first file in the current project, Find Previous will continue with the previous project.

If the search term can be found, EditPad will switch to the file it was found in, and select the matched text. If the search term cannot be found, nothing will happen, except that the Previous button will briefly flash its icon to indicate it failed.

The Find Previous command is not available in regular expression mode. Regular expressions cannot search backwards.

In EditPad Pro, the Previous button on the search toolbar has a drop-down menu. The first item in the drop-down menu is Find in Previous File. When you select this item, EditPad will start searching from the end of the previous file. You can use Find in Previous File even when the  "all files" option is off. If the search term cannot be found in the previous file, and one or more of the "all files", "all projects" and "loop automatically" options are on, EditPad will continue the search just like the Find Previous command itself.

The drop-down menu also has three items that you can use to find a specific search match, counting search matches from the start. The Find 10th Previous item will skip over the next 9 search matches and highlight the 10th. The result is the same as if you had clicked the Previous button 10 times. If there are no 10 preceding search matches, the result is slightly different. Find 10th Previous will then not do anything, except flash the Previous button to indicate failure. Similarly, the Find 100th Previous item will skip the previous 99 search matches and select match #100.

The Find Previous Nth item will ask you for the number of the match you want to find. If you enter 42, EditPad will skip the 41 preceding search matches, and highlight the 42nd.

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