If you change your mind after undoing an action with Edit|Undo, use Edit|Redo to redo it.

The Redo function works just like the Undo function. The only difference is that while the Undo function tries to remember all edits you made since you opened the file, the Redo function only remembers the edits you undid until you make another edit that is added to the Undo menu.

In contrast with many other text editors, however, EditPad Lite and Pro do not clear the Redo list when you take a trivial action such as moving the text cursor or making a selection. This gives you more opportunity to change your mind and redo undone actions. The Redo command then undoes the trivial action before redoing what you wanted to redo.

If you use the menu item or toolbar button to invoke this command then it is invoked on EditPad’s main editor, where you edit files. If you press the shortcut key on the keyboard, it is invoked on whichever editor is showing the text cursor (vertical blinking bar), whether that’s the main editor, the search box, or the replace box.

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