Places the current selection on the Windows clipboard. If there is no current selection, and the option to copy the active line is turned on in the Editor Preferences, then the entire current paragraph is placed onto the clipboard.

Any data previously held by the clipboard is removed from it. Use Edit|Copy Append instead if you do not want this.

If you select a block that includes one or more folded sections and copy the block to the clipboard, all selected lines, including lines hidden by folding, will be copied to the clipboard. Use Fold|Copy Visible Lines if you don't want to copy the hidden lines. When pasting back into EditPad Pro, the folded sections remain folded.

EditPad always copies text to the clipboard using Windows line breaks. This ensures maximum compatibility with other Windows applications. If the file uses syntax coloring, then EditPad places both plain text and rich text on the clipboard. When you paste the rich text version into a word processor, it will be pasted with the same font and colors you were using in EditPad. The rich text version is only generated when another application requests it. When copying and pasting within EditPad or between EditPad and another plain text editor, no time or memory is wasted to generate the RTF. If you don't want word processors to paste rich text, either use the "paste as plain text" or "paste unformatted text" command in your word processor, or tell EditPad Pro not to copy rich text in the Editor Preferences.

This command is always invoked on whichever editor is showing the text cursor (vertical blinking bar), regardless of whether you use the main menu, a toolbar button, or a keyboard shortcut.

If you're editing a file in hexadecimal mode, and you copy something from that file, and you paste that into another application or into a file you're editing in text mode in EditPad, the result will differ depending on whether the cursor was in the hexadecimal section or the ASCII section when you used Edit|Copy. If you copy from the hexadecimal section, and paste into another application, the other application will see the hexadecimal representation on the clipboard, e.g.: "74657374". If you copy from the ASCII section, the other application will see the actual bytes, e.g.: "test".

If you copy and paste between EditPad and another hex editing application, you may need to switch EditPad to hexadecimal mode and place the cursor in the hexadecimal or ASCII section of the editor to get the results you expect.

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