EditPad Pro Testimonials—What The People Say

Jürgen Lüthje

“Many, many thanks for this great editor! This is what I have been looking for. EditPad Pro 7 is better than any other editor that I have used so far (including UltraEdit and many others). EditPad Pro 7 is so powerful, well organized, versatile, flexible, reliable, beautiful and made with much thoughts, care and love for each detail! Something like this is rather rare these days. And EditPad Pro enables me to work much more efficiently than before! So thank you very much again for this power editing tool!”

9 October 2017, Germany—2 years later upon release of EditPad Pro 8:

“EditPad Pro 8 is a great Christmas surprise! :-) It contains so many improvements... very impressive. You made a very good product even better. Congratulations and many thanks! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!”

26 December 2019, Germany

Roger Stewart

“Thank you for your support. EditPad Pro is the best text editor I have ever used. I recently had our office purchase 5 copies to be used for our day to day responsibilities of working with big data.”

19 September 2018, Virginia, USA

Antony Roullier

“Just thought I’d share…”

“As I booted up EditPad Pro this morning, I found myself saying… ‘I love EditPad’.”

“Fact: Yes… I am a geek, and very proud of it too!”

“Thank you for creating a GREAT app!”

1 August 2018, United Kingdom

Mark J. Hammer

“EditPad Pro is easily the best text/code editor I have used in my 30+ year career. It is thoughtfully designed and reasonably priced.”

25 June 2018, Kansas, USA

Graeme Geldenhuys

“EditPad is one of very few text editors that can correctly handle line ending styles other that the common three (CR, LF, CRLF). So congratulation to you for adding yet another feature to EditPad that the competition doesn’t have. :)”

29 January 2018, United Kingdom

Hugo Dahl

“Of the many things that EditPad Pro does extremely well, which have been worth the price for many several times over, is the incredible speed and responsiveness opening and operating on large files (hundreds of MBs, some in the GBs), and HEX view (hello large binary files). I have yet to find any other editor out there which can come anywhere near close to EPP.”

“So thanks, Jan, and Just Great Software. I’ve definitely gotten immense value from the product, specially in relation to the price I paid!”

26 September 2017, Texas, USA

Mike Mitchell

“Thanks! I knew there were reasons I love EditPad Pro. Peer pressure forced me to try Notepad++ for a while—but my loss of productivity vis a vis EditPad Pro was too great. Keep up the great work.”

21 August 2017, British Columbia, Canada

Mark Venn

“I have been so happy with your program that I have always told people about it if they ask if I know of a text editor. I am using it at the moment for working with json files over 4GB in size, I don’t know of any other program that can do this! Well done.”

26 May 2017, United Kingdom

John Chesebro

“I have only a handful of essential, excellent, and reliable programs on my computer. EditPad Pro is one of them. I could not function without it, or at least I don’t want to consider the possibility.”

26 February 2017, Wisconsin, USA

Walter Pelowski

“I’ve been using EditPad Pro for over a decade and I love it. It’s my general, all-purpose, go-to editor. The comprehensive regular expressions support and rectangular selections capabilities alone, have saved me countless hours of work. It’s one of the first tools I install when moving to a new machine.”

22 August 2016, Michigan, USA

Chase Baer

“Hi… been using EditPad Pro for awhile now and have LOVED it! My primary interest was in using it for regex… you guys definitely know how to lead the field.”

“Just recently started exploring some of it’s deeper features and finer nuances. I’m amazed at the software’s versatility.”

2 March 2016, Alberta, Canada

Chris Thomson

“I purchased Edit Pad Pro a few weeks ago and I am still finding new and useful features that make the product outstanding. I recently contacted you about some syntax coloring questions regarding echo statements in batch files. I now have that set exactly as I like (something I’ve never been able to do with other editors including much more expensive ones like SlickEdit).”

19 October 2015, Florida, USA

Leo Atwood

“I have used Editpad since I think version 3.0, always found it to be ‘Just Great’. I use Editpad Pro extensively at my work and at home. I find it indispensable when I need to clean up data and prepare it for spreadsheet use and hundreds of other work related tasks. It has saved me several hundred hours of work over my 13 years here, just using the remove white space feature! I also have AceText and am just scratching the surface of what I know it can do.”

“At my work, IT has been tightening down workstation inexorably. With my new workstation, and extensive UAC, [I could no longer run] Editpad and dozens of specific little utilities like file renamers, duplicate file finders, and other utilities. I was so pleasantly surprised when I dug into the extensive documentation and found that it was possible to make portable install direct from the licensed Editpad setup file. I tried and it was accepted (by the company’s restrictions. Thank you for a good product, well-documented and well supported.”

3 December 2014, Saudi Arabia

Bill Horger

“I have the latest version of EditPad Pro, and wanted to thank you for such a versatile product.”

“1. I needed to edit a large number of files as I transitioned to a new compiler, and was able to use the search/replace feature across multiple files to great advantage! This is awesome!”

“2. One of the binary data files I frequently use was ‘damaged’. I was able to open it and delete the trailing, bogus information, allowing the software to run successfully. Again, totally awesome!”

“So, thanks for saving me hours of effort in editing and providing a nifty way yo do some really nit-picking editing.”

19 October 2014, Colorado USA

Paul Nystrom

“I have used RegExBuddy and EditPad Pro for years. Yes, there have been occasional bugs. Jan (and the user community) have always been very responsive and helpful.”

“What I find, much more often, is that I am amazed at the power and flexibility of these tools. Jan has done a fantastic job of anticipating my needs and building those features before I need them.”

“I use a wide variety of tools—both purchased and open-source. Jan had provided the best support of any of them and I really appreciate the ‘one person’s design’ of the tools.”

1 May 2014, California, USA

Ian Thurston

“I find new things to love about this product daily. I just rigged WinSCCP to use EditPad Pro as its default editor, and I am now hot-editing remote files on a Linux box with Editpad Pro. Thanks for a great product.”

23 December 2013, Ontario, Canada

David Bartlett

“I am extremely happy [with EditPad Pro]. I am a programmer myself and I would say this is a masterpiece. Also to Jan, I want to thank you for the customer support which is amazing. Just how you find the time to respond personally—and quickly—to all the stuff on the forum is incredible. Kudos! keep up the good work.”

28 July 2013, United Kingdom

Robert Gusnowski

“As your name states, you develop great software. When EditPad 8 comes out, I will be upgrading again. Too few IT people today have no idea as to what a good editor can do. Other than email, yours is the second most important application I use on a daily basis.”

20 March 2013, Saskatchewan, Canada

John R. Thompson

“Thanks for a great product. I have been using Editpad as my main source code and general note taking editor (as well as regexbuddy for regex development) for 5 or more years now. I’m a bioinformaticist and routinely work with large GB size files. I really like the filetype specific settings that let me customize behavior for certain file types.”

8 July 2013, New Jersey, USA

John Lees


“I must admit I am very impressed with your editor and even more impressed with the promptness your after sales service.”

“I am a very satisfied customer.”

5 November 2004—years later:

“I must say, there are very few software vendors offering your level of customer support and I can’t think of any who seriously treat customer support as a value add to their product. I now have a portable copy of EditPad Pro and when work colleagues tell me they can’t open/edit something I can now just plug in my USB stick to and show them what a good product it is, which is clearly good sales PR for you. In fact I’ve even had vendors tell me I had to purchase another license to have a portable version—they just don’t get it and needless to say I haven’t bothered renewing my subscription.”

10 March 2009, Australia—years later still:

“I love EditPad, it is such a capable tool. It saves me huge amounts of time and enables tasks that just wouldn’t be practical with a standard text editor. It has paid for itself many times over and the personalized support I get is fantastic.”

31 January 2013, Australia

Edward Popko

“It took me some time to get used to the rich interface but once I could navigate around, I found EditPad Pro to be the best, by far, editor I have ever used. It is simple amazing what you can do with it. And its complete support for regex is a huge help too in addition to recognizing common types of files like HTML, Java, PHP etc. Hats off to the cooks! Wonderful editor!”

19 October 2012, New York, USA

Anthony Wayne

“I am a long time user of Notepad++ and was skeptical that any text editor should cost money. So I first tried out the lite version. Well, I was very happy with what it had to offer. I have my own website built with Drupal, but I often have changes to to themes and layout I want to make. I am NO developer that’s for sure, so I need all the features I can get to sort through and make sense of the code I’m seeing. I was so impressed with how the lite version worked that I went and got the Pro version. It was worth every cent! Sometimes I’d literally spend hours trying to change one little tiny thing on my site that bugged me, but now I can find what I need to quickly and easily. Thanks EditPad!”

23 August 2012

Michael Robb

“Let me just say that I’ve been enjoying my experience with EditPad thus far. I’ve been using various Scintilla-based editors for a while but none of them have fused together all the features I care about as well as this editor has.”

1 June 2012, Alberta, Canada

Wes Savage

“I wish to say that I am very impressed by your support. I have never ever seen support like it. You’re fast, friendly and very helpful.”

“I develop software and I have to admit that I build most all of my tools simply because I can do it better than the software that is out there. The other reason I create my own is because support is either non-existent or its the ‘wait in line’ kind. Leave a message after you spend hours looking through their support options pages full of answers to read and then just maybe you will find that one button that is well hidden to send them a letter and then wait for their reply which usually is the wrong answer because the idiot at the other end does not fully understand. It can go on endlessly.”

“Your support is so fast and so accurate it is amazing.”

16 April 2012, Philippines

Kevin Sommers

“Since upgrading to EditPad Pro 7, at least once week I am hit with an ‘Oh WOW!’ moment. Today it was my re-discovery of backups and file history. I know they were available before, I just had not really used them.”

“The use of Milestones and backups is exactly the feature I did not know I needed! Jan, your attention to detail continually amazes me, and I want to sincerely thank you for your dedication to making EditPad Pro an absolutely outstanding product!”

8 September 2011, Canada

Don Beaton

“Thanks for the effort you put into the upgrade of EditPad Pro from v6 to v7. The new version is polished and intuitive, and is a pleasure to use. I’d recommend the upgrade to all v6 users (and to users of other text editors).”

27 May 2011, California, USA

Karel Behounek

“Thank you for your continuous effort. I have already noticed some great new features like replacing Unicode with entities and similar stuff. I need this kind functionality quite often and I am happy to have it integrated in my text editor.”

24 May 2011, Czech Republic

Christian Kranz

“I’ve been using Editpad Pro for several months now and from today I updated to EditPad Pro 7. And I really have to say thank you. Thank you for this more than great piece of software. It saved my life more than once and speeds up daily work as a programmer so that I can save time for the really important things. Its intuitive and contains all the features I need, especially the new replacement keywords are something I wish I would have had in EditPad 6. EditPad Pro is an essential part of my virtual life!”

17 May 2011, Germany

Clay Cundick

“I do so love working in Editpad Pro. It conveys complex information extremely clearly. I understand my code better here than in any other editor I’ve tried. Its features are useful, well chosen, and very powerful. There’s rarely a problem I can’t find a solution to with its great regex engine.”

20 July 2019, Utah, USA


“EditPad rocks. One thing I don’t tend to appreciate enough is the fact that EPP is industrial-strength and never messes with my files being my back.”

“In this respect, this week I’m particularly grateful to EPP for saving my butt and pulling me out of a toxic relationship with another editor that I’d started using for a particular kind of file that it’s specialized for. Every once in a while, I’d save a file, navigate to a different file in the project, and realize that the saved changes had been reverted! In the end, much easier to do a Syntax file and appropriate Palette for EPP. Will be sharing those soon.”

“What did I learn? ‘IDE’ doesn’t mean ‘better’. Don’t get me wrong, I rely heavily on JetBrains products (PyCharm especially) and do quite a bit in Visual Studio. But man, there is a LOT that can be done in EPP. Between the file navigation and the graceful handling of projects, for niche languages, it’s wonderful.”

“And of course for everything text-related. The features in the menus are just mind-blowing. Every once in a while I install NotePad++ to see what all the fuss is about… and just laugh. Likewise, things like Atom and VS Code might be beautiful and have some cool features, but for industrial-strength text manipulation, where else than EPP are you going to go?”

“Anyhow, didn’t mean this to turn into a long love letter… But glad it did. Thank you Jan. Again and again. Because RegexBuddy also rocks.”

17 April 2019, Earth

Nicolaj Eriksen

“I have been working for 20 years coding and the is the best editor EVER.”

5 October 2018, Denmark

Richard Guziewicz

“You don’t have to be a geek to appreciate EditPad. In my opinion, after having used many different editors running on all sorts of systems over my long career in technical writing and editing, EditPad Pro is the finest in its category as general purpose text editor.”

“Not to mention that it comes with excellent, concise-yet-exhaustive documentation that is coherently and clearly written throughout in standard English of excellent caliber, which alone sets the product far above any of its rivals.”

8 August 2018, France

Stefan Hett

“Thanks for your great products. Have been using them for over 10 years now and am more than satisfied with them.”

22 June 2018, Germany

Michail Mersinis

“I am writing to tell you how pleased I am that I can now read / write / transcode sample text between Shift-JIS and UTF-8. Amazingly useful—solid software! And for the purposes of multi-language support—I simply have not found anything else that does that so simply and effectively!”

13 March 2018

Curt Harvey

“I love EditPad Pro and use it, rather than Eclipse or NetBeans, as my Java development editor.”

13 September 2017, Virginia, USA

Shelomo ben-Avraham

“I realize that handling a mix of RTL [right-to-left text] with LTR [left-to-right text] (like HTML code) is very difficult and what you succeeded in doing is impressive!”

24 May 2017, Israel

Greg Gehman

“I use EditPad Pro everyday where I work with EDI file transfers. I like it very much. The features I like the most: the ability to edit/read very large files, search files across disks/directories and to utilize regex to do string searches. It saves me time every time I use your app.”

27 February 2017, Pennsylvania, USA

Barry Ober

“Thank you yet again! I have been using EditPad (the original) since I think 1998 or so. I would say I use it every day. I have Pro as well and now AceText. Absolutely brilliant. Of course now I need yet another larger screen…!”

“There are precious few dedicated, careful, and fanatic software people such as yourself in the world. You can just tell when you use something that is precision software engineered with care.”

6 June 2016, North Carolina, USA

Martin Zaske

“I love the way those tools integrate and how default settings are often ‘just right’.”

“I am using syntax coloring more and more now. This morning I created a little quick coloring scheme for .sfm (standard format markers) which are still being used in my line of work. Took just a few minutes and makes the reading of files so much easier.”

21 March 2016, Benin

Robert Bedrosian

“If there were a Nobel prize for excellent software design, you would be a strong candidate. You are a genius, and the best kind! I have used EditPad Lite then EditPad Pro for some time. Really great!”

20 December 2015, New Jersey, USA

Len Engel

“Frankly, I don’t remember how I have been using EditPad—the oldest receipt I can find is 2007, but I think likely the free version before that. I use it every day and now even have converts at the day job. Thanks for a great product and your fantastic support.”

1 November 2014, Idaho, USA

Axel Stoecker

“I just like to send you a big Thank You for your amazing EditPad Pro text editor. Well, ‘text editor’ is already an understatement, but you know that better than me.”

“I am by no means a programmer but learning the ropes of handcoding HTML and CSS. While I am a registered user for a few years it is only now that I am diving deeper into EditPad Pro and start using it on a daily basis. Mostly for translating books from English into German and republishing older books that went through the scan + OCR workflow.”

“What can I say? I practically tried most editors out there but EditPad Pro seems to be made for me. I wouldn’t know where to start in describing of what I like most so far. For now, this much: I love the speed and responsiveness, the way that I can configure the editor to my style of working, in particular via ‘Configure File types’ (working monospaced in my handcoding projects and with a proportional font for my general writing tasks). Your meaningful help file is top-notch and so are the hints in dialogs. Such as getting an easy to understand explanation right within the Text Encoding dialog (New interpretation of the coding vs. re-encoding). Then, the whole-hearted Unicode support. Which is essential for me as I work a lot with diacritic characters (Sanskrit language transliterated into Latin script). The list goes on, of course. So much to explore. Good thing, though, that I can be productive right away.”

30 October 2014, Germany

Edward Mesa

“I’m not a programmer, but I do work a lot with text (txt, csv, kml/kmz), so I finally bit the bullet and bought EditPad Pro. I’ve used other free text editors because I wanted more features than Notepad, but EditPad Pro really is worth the cost. It has a much greater feature set than any free editor I have used, is easier to use, and never crashes. In short, it saves me time and is a pleasure to use. I’ve actually smiled using it as I learned some of what it can do.”

12 June 2014, Oklahoma, USA

Daniel Maltarollo

“I just wanted to say how much I appreciate your tools and your good support. I’m a proud user of licensed copies of EditPad Pro and RegexBuddy and it’s always really nice to see your commitment to these tools and get constant and relevant updates. Thank you for your great support.”

24 December 2013, Brazil

Josh Wolfer

“As always, EditPad pro is amazing. You have changed the way I work for the last decade and you very much have my respect.”

5 December 2013, California, USA

Michael Clark

I was just playing around with Unicode character U+0085 (New Line), which is an obscure hold-over from IBM EBCDIC. EditPad was the only program on my Windows 7 computer (including many Microsoft programs) which properly used this character to separate lines vertically. Not only that, but EditPad has a little ‘NL’ icon that shows that this obscure linebreak is being used instead of the more common CR/LF/CRLF. Kudos. :)

30 July 2013, Colorado, USA

Dean R. Zimmerman

“I have come to realize that EditPad Pro is the best editor, hands down! And I’ve used a dozen of them. But your customer support is the best in the industry.”

5 March 2013, Utah, USA

Peter Glassey

“Just wanted to say thanks for the great software. Specifically, thank you for the dozens (perhaps hundreds) of hours of my time your efficient, easy-to-use and well-designed software has saved. I’ve been using (and loving) EditPad for years, and just bought my own license since I’m working as a contractor now.”

12 February 2013, California, USA

Fabio Vitale

“Let me say that EditPad Pro and AceText are two of the best piece of software I’ve came across during my career as a software developer since 1982, period!”

“During 30 years I’ve used all kind of text editors, both free and paid ones. Starting with my first copy of MultiEdit: it is amazing that they continue to bug me with emails of a never appearing ‘new’ version of MultiEdit! But MultiEdit is just an example. Really I’ve tried any editor, from vi, vim (the one I still use on Linux boxes), to emacs; from MultiEdit to UltraEdit and so on: none of them came close to the perfection and simplicity of your EditPad Pro.”

“I’m a Delphi developer since its version 1.0 and I know how difficult is to think the right architecture for any piece of software: in EditPad Pro even the registration mechanism is perfect: I do not even need to think about registration, my downloads are already registered to me! This is simply genial!”

“The fact that the JGsoft forums are accessible from within their software is genial too: I do not need to open my web browser: I simply click on the forum icon in EditPad and I’m right logged in into all JGsoft forums, without interrupting what I’m doing!”

“So in the end: thank you for having created such great pieces of software!”

7 December 2012, Italy

Kraig Johnson

“I’ve now upgraded to 7.1 and I just have to say, Jan, you’ve outdone yourself once again. Your software has enhanced my company’s efficiency beyond measure for nearly a decade, and I just wanted you to know that you’re my personal hero! PLEASE keep working on EditPad – Everyone I know in the development industry across the world uses your EditPad with the exact same sentiment. You truly revolutionise our tedious lives every day with your EditPad, and the world greatly appreciates it. I wish you great prosperity and the best of luck.”

25 September 2012, United Kingdom

Janet Reed

“I want to express that I truly like your product and know that I will like it even more when I am up to speed and know what I’m doing! You explain things very thoroughly and your guide is complete. It is very helpful and written in a user-friendly manner. I’m in the field of fashion. The way programmers talk is hard to understand let alone digest! You also seem very conscientious about wanting your product to be as excellent as it can be.”

20 June 2012, California, USA

Anthony D. Duerr

“I’ve been using EditPad Pro for many years now, and absolutely love the way you approach the development of this software, how stable and reliable it is, including its ability to handle things that seemingly no other editor can (how about opening and editing huge files?). I recommend it to my engineering colleagues regularly.”

20 April 2012, California, USA

Jim Downing

“Just writing to say how much I appreciate EditPad Pro. I’m a science writer and don’t do any coding, but I find managing big projects—lots of notes and other long text documents—to be so much easier in EPP than in Word. I’ve been using EPP for six years and I still actually look forward to opening the program every morning. Thanks!”

1 March 2012, California, USA

Steve Wang

“The latest version was hit in our department. I was able to convert the hold-outs of UtlraEdit and TextPad to EditPad Pro.”

7 December 2011, Minnesota, USA

Tsvi Sadan

“[The new right-to-left support in EditPad 7] has enabled me to make EditPad Pro the only text editor I use for multiple languages in multiple scripts. I have even deleted all the other text editors I used to use for non-Latin scripts as I see no reason anymore to continue to use them.”

“Until now I didn’t have any sophisticated text editor that also supports bidirectional editing, but now I can recommend EditPad Pro as well as EditPad Lite to anyone who is looking for a text editor with support for bidirectional editing and amazing functionality.”

“Thank you very much for making such an unbelievably excellent text editor!”

follow-up email:

“I’m not eloquent enough to describe fully my admiration and appreciation for such an incredible text editor, nor can I believe yet that someone has ever made it. Being a professional linguist working with various languages in various scripts, I have some complicated demand for a text editor in terms of multilingual and multiscript support. None of literally hundreds of text editors I had ever tried met my demand, until I found EditPad Pro 7. It’s in my humble opinion the best (multilingual/multiscript) text editor ever made on this planet. Now I spend more time with it as my sole text editor than with any other software program. I’ve already started to recommend EditPad Pro to my colleagues, students and friends.”

Dr. Tsvi Sadan, Tenured Senior Lecturer in Hebrew Linguistics, Bar-Ilan University, Israel

7 June 2011, Israel

Rich Messeder

“Thanks so much for [EditPad Pro 7]. I am much impressed, and have been using it so much during beta testing that I can’t bear to go back to EditPad Pro 6, which I was so happy with before!”

16 May 2011, New Hampshire, USA

You Need EditPad Pro To Edit Text Files

If you work with text files on your computer on a regular basis, you will not be able to imagine how you got along without EditPad Pro once you have it. Certainly not after a couple of heavy text editing sessions during which you will experience EditPad Pro’s true power: it has everything you need, but nothing that may get in your way. Depending on the payment method you prefer, you can have EditPad Pro delivered almost instantly. If you think all text editors are the same, you should at least try out the free evaluation version for a couple of weeks.