Closes the active file. If the file has unsaved modifications then by default EditPad asks you whether you want to save or discard the changes. On the Open Files page in the Preferences you can choose if EditPad should automatically save or discard unsaved changes without prompting.

EditPad automatically starts with a new blank file when you close the last file in the project.

You can also close the active file by clicking with the mouse wheel on the file’s tab. If you have enabled the X button to be shown on tabs or the tab control in the Tabs Preferences then you can use the X button to close the file. Closing a file by closing its tab is exactly the same as using the File|Close menu item.

If the file is part of a managed project then closing open files does not remove the file from the project. Files that are part of managed projects remain part of the project as closed files. The Files Panel and Search Panel can show and search through files that are closed but are still part of managed projects. Closing outside files removes them from the project, because they were never an actual part of the project.

If you want to remove an open file from a managed project, use Project|Remove From Project to close and remove the file. If you want to remove files that you have already closed from a managed project, use Project|Remove Closed Files.

To close EditPad itself, click on the X button in the upper right of the Window, or select File|Exit in the menu.

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